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Purifying Magic Mist

Purifying Magic Mist

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An invigorating, cleansing mist perfect to spritz right out of the shower or after that long stressful day.

This Purifying Magic Mist will cleanse your energy and space. Like burning your sage when you don't have a lighter! Yay for smoke free!

A mystical blend of eucalyptus, clary sage, rosemary, and spearmint essence with clear quartz crystals in distilled Full Moon water and Witch Hazel.

Charged with crystals and Full Moon energy to add extra magic to your spritz!

Tip: Spray on your linens and in entire bedroom before bed or spritz from head to toe to purify your entire aura. Great to do while at the office or home office, and especially out of the shower!

Oils may rise to the top, this is normal as all ingredients are natural. Shake well before each use.







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