We are a Wife & Husband team here at Blood Moon. I'm Celina, the founder. All our Candles are hand poured in very small batches in Southern California. Each batch I pour is special. Every whisk, every ingredient, is apart of a sacred ritual. 
 I've concentrated all of my energy on sourcing the perfect herbs, oils and crystals that brought me joy and fulfillment. And I believe they truly add to the magic that is Blood Moon.
Our clothing, accessories, along with all our branding feature all original Art by my love, Alfred. He is passionate about Art, and especially drawing the dark and spooky, which makes creating together all the more enjoyable and special.
We are so excited to share our passions with everyone and spread the love and joy that we share creating them. 
 I sincerely hope you enjoy these scents, the dark art and the amazing magic that these tools bring to the soul, as we have felt an amazing amount of magic creating them for you.
Love & Light,
Celina Lawler